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All our pewter is 100% lead free.

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Hand Crafted Celtic Pewter Products

All our products are made from lead-free English pewter. Our Celtic Jewellery and Gift Items are sold throughout Wales, Scotland, the Eire, USA & Canada, and Europe, particularly where there is a strong Celtic influence. (read more about pewter)

The unique designs inherent in celtic art go back to the pre-Christian era, and can be found on ancient celtic crosses, old stonework, jewellery and metalwork, found throughout Europe. In the early days of Celtic Christianity, celtic art flourished anew, and can be seen today in: The Book of Kells, The Book of Durrow, & The Lindisfarne Gospels, to name but a few.

As scribes & monks travelled from one celtic monastery to another, sharing their work, celtic art constantly evolved and became a living growing tradition, which today inspires designers and craftspeople worldwide. The traditional designs of interlacing spirals, knotwork, and interlocking key patterns, without beginning or end, reflect the continuity of life from generation to generation down the ages.

Production Process

  1. Design drawn (hundreds of times from first idea to final scale drawing)
  2. Original model made by carving the model in wax and then casting in gold
  3. Vulcanised silicone-rubber mold made from gold original for spin-casting
  4. Casting process – Rubber mold spun at high speed in a centrifugal casting machine while pewter heated to high temperature, is poured into the centre of the mold. This disperses into the patterns in the mold, filling the cavities.
  5. Polishing process – Each piece is burnished and polished in rotating tumblers, with silicone grit and stainless steel shot.
  6. Individually antiqued to bring out the pattern in relief, then repolished.
  7. Set with a variety of gemstones
  8. Assembly of pendants, earwires, etc. and final packaging.

Trade Customers

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