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J.M.Crafts was founded by 4 members of the Bakewell family back in 1972, when they decided to develop their hobby of lapidary into a full-time business. They moved to the Llyn peninsular, part of the Snowdonia National Park, and a rich source of local stones, jaspers, quartzes, etc., which formed the basis of their natural-style jewellery.

Having settled in a part of Wales where the Welsh traditions and language flourish, they became more & more interested in the Celtic heritage, and began to design their own jewellery, incorporating the traditional Celtic patterns found in ancient manuscripts such as 'The Book of Kells'.

The next step was the purchase of their own casting and polishing machinery so that every part of the making process could be carried out in their own workshop. It was at this time that they began to use pewter, which they believe both enhances their jewellery and adds another historical dimension (read more on pewter).

Since then they have gone from strength to strength, and their market now reaches the 4 corners of the world, (including a Trading Post in the middle of the South Pacific).

Now there are just 2 members of the family still running the company, David and Joan, who each have their own particular skills, David being the key man on the production side and Joan enjoying the designing and marketing side. Together they get a tremendous satisfaction in working with their hands to produce items of celtic jewellery for people to love and cherish, and they even enjoy the new challenges each day brings to keep up to date in an ever-evolving market place.


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